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Unistrut Cable Tray, Channel & Accessories

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Unistrut is commonly known for it's range of steel channel, however we also stock Unistrut Cable Tray in both pre galv and hot dipped galv steel. We are one of the UK's major suppliers of Unistrut products and can offer not only a wide range of Unistrut products but can also provide extensive product support including on site support from Unistrut. Below are the range of Unistrut products we offer along with some common accessories used with their products. If you have a large enquiry for any item, please give our Customer Service team a ring, we are sure we will be competitive and can offer the service you require.

Pre Galv Cable Tray - MDRF

Medium duty Unistrut Cable Tray and accessories with 25mm high return flange sides available as pre galvanised for internal applications and hot dipped galvanised for outdoor use . All lengths are 3 metres and a range of bends, risers and tees are available.

Pre Galv Cable Tray - HDRF

The heavy duty cable tray is the same as medium duty cable tray but with deeper 50mm return flanges for larger cables.

Unistrut Channel Strut

Unistrut channel, also known as Strut, is available as 41x41mm deep channel or 41x21mm shallow channel in either 3 or 6 metre lengths, with or without 14mm wide slots. It's manufactured from either pre galvanised steel, suitable for indoor applications or hot dipped galvanised steel more suited to outdoor use. Being one of the UK's largest Unistrut distributors we are able to offer volume prices, if you have a large requirement, please contact us.

Channel Brackets - Steel

A wide range of flat plate washers, angle brackets and couplers for Unistrut channel to build frames and supports.

Cantilever Arms

Hot Dipped Galvanised Cantilever Arms in lengths of 150mm to 750mm, 41x41mm profile with a back to back profile available.

Channel Caps & Capping

PVC channel end caps to suit 41x41mm and 41x21mm profiles in black or white and PVC or metal channel capping.

Kwik Strut Channel Nuts

Innovative Unistrut Kwik channel nuts are an alternative to traditional spring/channel nuts allowing for faster installation times. They not only replace the spring nut but also the flat plat washer, this makes them a particularly good choice when working at height, less things to drop!

Spring (Channel) Nuts

Channel Nuts are vailable with M6, M8, M10 or M12 holes, long, short or no spring in zinc plated or hot dipped galvanised steel or stainless steel.

Channel Sockets

A 1/2" square drive socket drive especially suited for use within Unistrut 41x21mm or 41x41mm channel.