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I.C.E. Personal Identification

Site Identity Case (ICE) WSID05 936701 - Each

Site Identity Case (ICE) WSID05 936701 - Each

Price per Each: 7.70 (9.24 Including VAT at 20%)

Provide first responders with the information they require, such as personal information, medical conditions and contact information on a waterproof card, using a permanent marker pen, that's housed in a strong polycabonate case. A 'Shock Cord' fitting system allows the case to be attached to: safety helmets, boots/shoes, belts, zippers, safety harnesses, back packs to name a few. Workers in risky environments such as oil & gas, construction, heavy industry, railways, highways, mining and utilities would benefit from the knowledge their details are to hand in an accident or medical emergancy.

Vital ID Code: WSID05  

JPL Code: 936701

Site Identity Wallet Card (ICE) WSID04 936700 - Each

Site Identity Wallet Card (ICE) WSID04 936700 - Each

Price per Each: 0.80 (0.96 Including VAT at 20%)

Intended as a backup to the helmet id stickers and cases, this tough, plastic credit card sized card allows workers identity, medical and emergency contact information to be easily accessable in the event of an accident or emergency. Ideal for workers away from home or off site for extended periods of time.

Vital ID Code: WSID04  

JPL Code: 936700