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About Us

Jack Pennington Ltd has been at the forefront of distribution to Mechanical & Electrical contractors, HVAC contractors and a wide range of industries for over 40 years. The JPL Direct site is allowing a much wider range of customers to access the stock and pricing we make available to the some of the largest contractors in the UK.

All orders are despatched from our main distribution warehouse in Shipley, West Yorkshire or from our southern distribution facility in Bedford. Having our own fleet allows for a large proportion or orders being delivered by one of our own vehicles, particularly for the heavier orders. Deliveries to locations outside our delivery area are made by carriers with whom we've had a long relationship and they understand our requirements for service.

We only offer for sale items we have in stock, so you can be assured the delivery of your goods next day. All payments are processed using SecureHosting (a Level 1 PCI DSS compliant host) as a payment gateway, this means we don't hold any credit card information on our systems, ensuring the security of your credit card information

We have an experienced Customer Service team who are available to talk to on our standard phone number if you have any queries regarding the products or any other aspect of our service.